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'One Eye on the Road' (just my eye)

Some of the story so far: read on!!

My Photography Gallery

Portraits: 1
Portraits: 2
Portraits: 3
Portraits: 4
Portraits: 5

Vehicles: 1
Vehicles: 2

Travellers: 1
Travellers: 2
Travellers: 3

Stonehenge: 1
Stonehenge: 2
Stonehenge: 3
Stonehenge Aerial

Stonehenge 2001: 1
Stonehenge 2001: 2

Battle of the Beanfield 1
Battle of the Beanfield 2
Glastonbury: 1
Glastonbury: 2
Glastonbury'Green' Gathering

Glastonbury 'Greenfield' 1
Glastonbury 'Greenfield' 2
'Live' music: 1
'Live' music: 2

'Mutoid Waste Company' gallery 1
'Mutoid Waste Company' gallery 2
'Mutoid Waste Company' gallery 3

Free Party: 1
Castlemorton: 1
Castlemorton: 2
anti - CJA demos 1
anti - CJA demos 2

Exodus: 1
Gay Events Gallery
Clubbing: 1
Clubbing: 2

Reclaim the Streets 1
Reclaim the Streets 2

Reclaim the Streets 3

(multi galleries by location)


Enviro'Direct' Actions
more galleries: J18, Mayday, city etc .....>

'Street Art' Gallery 1
'Street Art' Gallery 2
Drugs Gallery 1
Drugs Gallery 2
Drugs Gallery 3

'Velvet Revolution' Tour: 1
'Street-Style' Exhibition at V&A

Photoshop `Art' Gallery

Stonehenge Events Gallery -
Solstice Ritual
Surveillance Gallery

Copyright in all photographs belongs to me and are protected under UK and International laws. Reproduction in whole or in part, as artists reference or in any form or is prohibited without prior permission. copyright terms

Now then! in these electronic times, it is quite obvious that people can just help themselves.
Clearly, there is nothing I can do about it.
But really. If you want to download and print out a few pictures to put on your bedroom wall, show to your mates etc. I don't mind. BUT. if your intending to use any picture where it will have an audience like poster, newspaper, magazine, web site, fanzine etc. then i expect to be told and we'll make a deal. Please respect the amount of investment of time and materials and general stress it has taken to produce this work. Please pay me for my labour.

Kit and Materials
Tips for video filming actions


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